Laurel (Laurus nobilis) is an aromatic and evergreen tree with dark green glossy leaves. The leaves of the laurel tree were woven into a crown and worn as a symbol of victory or honour in classical times. Today laurel is associated with triumph, victory, and fame.

Living the spirit of the laurel tree, Laurelcap is an ever-growing organisation that thrives on the highest standards of success, achievement, and honour. It is a commitment to clients to ‘never rest on its laurels’ but to continuously ‘strive for feather after feather in its cap’.



To provide our clients with integrated real estate solutions through our dedicated real estate specialists.


To be a leading and trusted real estate and fund management consultant that focuses on value creation for clients.


Laurelcap is a commitment to clients to never ‘rest on their laurels’ but to ‘continuously strive for feathers in the cap’. Professionalism is the keystone of services provided. The mission is to provide comprehensive, practical, and quality services in various aspects of the property industry.

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